Et voila

I took some pictures today of the house where I’m staying.

Patricia had more friends over for lunch today. Oh my word. So much food! Pierre grilled some duck to serve as the main course. It was delicious, and Patricia roasted some vegetables, made a salad and had some bread on the side. It was all really good, and I ate a good-sized portion. Had I known what was still to come, I would have eaten less on this course. After some dishes were cleared, out came the box filled with probably 10 different types of cheeses, which were served with more bread and a second bottle of wine. It was all delicious, and the cheese went really well with the red wine that was served. But just when I was full and thought the meal was winding down, Patricia brought out dessert. Not one, but two kinds! There was a cake with either apples or pears on top (they said the name too fast for me to catch what it was exactly.) It was very good but like most european desserts, it wasn’t as sweet as cakes at home. There was also a vanilla pudding with raspberries. As tempting as it was, I had to pass up the second dessert since I had already eaten a ton. Patricia was telling me yesterday that she doesn’t cook too much, but from what I’ve seen so far, I would have to disagree. Jenna and I made ourselves go for a jog this afternoon to try to burn off some of the food!

This morning I got to see some of the city. We walked down to where the school is to time the walk to class for tomorrow. The building is small but pretty. It’s right down the street from a cathedral where there was a celebration and a parade going on. According to Patricia it was  all for a special mass today celebrating a particular type of sweet that is only made in Aix-en-Provence. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it to try some!

Tomorrow is orientation at the university. Apparently there are only 77 students total, and I don’t think there are many professors, so hopefully it will be easy to get to know people!

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