Jam Session

Since the Madame of the house has been out of town, us youngin’s have been on our own for dinner. Patricia cooked some dinners ahead of time for us to heat up each night. Since it’s just been the three of us, Jenna and I have gotten to know Alex a lot more. He’s an aspiring musician who plays guitar, base, ukulele, and some piano. He works at a night club organizing DJs to come play and has his own band after school. This evening (well, really night since we sit down for dinner at 9) Alex busted out his instruments. He switched back and forth from guitar to base, Jenna played piano, and I strummed on the ukulele. Unfortunately my 2 weeks of practice on the ukulele doesn’t allow me to keep pace with the other two, but it was still a lot of fun! Alex has kindly offered to lend me his ukulele so I can try to teach myself some more and to help me when I have a problem.

All this music has got me and Jenna on a Moulin Rouge kick. I’m off to watch the first part of the movie while finishing the last minute packing for this weekend. We’re off bright and early in the morning to go to Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo!

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