Random Musings

Jenna and I keep a window open all the time for fresh air. Three snails have moved into our rooms. I think they chose to live with us because they somehow know that Americans don’t eat snails and that they are safe with us. Gaston moved in first. We wanted to give him a good, French name, and apparently we watched Beauty and the Beast a few too many times as children. Then Gaston’s friend moved in, so it was only fitting to name him Lefou. And a few days ago Belle became our newest roommate. Les escargots have good taste- they’ve attached themselves to the copy of The Da Vinci Code that keeps the window propped open. They haven’t moved since moving in, so Jenna and I are rather puzzled about what they eat… Maybe we’ll buy them a plant at the market to make the window sill more hospitable.

We met Patricia’s parents today. Like the rest of the family, they are super nice and have the sweetest dog! i can’t remember what type it is, but I’ll try to get a picture. They had us over for wine this evening since they just got back from their other home in the country. And Patricia and Pierre came home today. The family is reunited at last!

I might see a bull fight this weekend. Will keep you updated on those plans.

I’ve noticed that when I write I use way more commas than what I really need. I think all the grammar rules in various languages have made me comma happy. I apologize.

Over the past week, I have discovered that there is some truth to the stereotype that France is very dirty. When I arrived, I was expecting to see lots of litter in the streets. Oh no. Apparently in France it is completely acceptable for people to let their dogs do their business on the sidewalk and simply walk away. It’s disgusting! It’s hard to admire the scenery on a run or while walking to class because you constantly have to watch where you’re going. My French professor explained the other day in class that in France, it’s good luck to step in dog poop with your left foot. Weird superstition, right? That’s why the French say “merde,” or shit, when in English we would say “break a leg.” So please, if you ever come to Aix, for heaven’s sake watch your step!

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