Fall is here!

Fall has finally arrived! At least until Monday when it goes back to being 82 degrees. Today was the first day that felt like fall, and with fall weather comes the Mistral. When I woke up this morning, I sipped my coffee and watched the wind blow through the trees outside.  I got to wear a jacket for the first time since being here, and I keep finding myself admiring all the hats, boots, and scarves that are popping up in shop windows. I can’t wait to buy myself a cute hat to match my new haircut for the cooler weather.

Fall is starting to reach the markets as well. Gone are the peaches and avocados, and instead baskets are full of the first apples and giant, orange squash. Today in one of the main plazas, I saw a street vendor with a bright yellow cart roasting chestnuts. It smelled delicious and distinctively like fall. I’ve started eating oatmeal for breakfast and am craving cinnamon and pumpkin. We’re baking oatmeal cookies tomorrow night to welcome in the new season!

Sometimes when walking around the city, the wind is almost deafening as it blows through dry, papery leaves and whistles through narrow streets. I’m so psyched for fall! I love the crisp air and bright colors. I’ve grown to love it even more after living in Florida where it goes from hot to being slightly cool without any of the autumn perks. I’ll be sure to take some pictures soon to capture the new season.

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