A Walk in the Park


This morning I decided to take a day all for myself. After not running for two weeks, I wanted to get out and stretch my legs. I went out on my run with no particular goal in mind, but about 30 minutes in I stumbled across a wonderful park that I’ve heard people mention. The park has a little stream that runs through it, and it has gorgeous trees lining the paths. Since the leaves are starting to fall, it gives that satisfying crunch as you walk. There were tons of runners there as well. I’ve found my new running route. Unfortunately, it’s a bit far away from my house to be an everyday thing. My normal run (which I need to get back into the habit of doing) would take me to the edge of the park and back to the house.

Even though I went to the park twice today, once on the run and once to go back with my camera, I think I’ll go back tomorrow with my lunch and book to read!

This evening, a friend from school came over and we cooked dinner and baked oatmeal, dark chocolate, and cranberry cookies. They were delicious, even if the French would scoff at our unrefined tastes. We also watched the first half of Masterpiece Theatre’s Wuthering Heights. I think I need to read the book before I can say whether I like the story or not; I can’t decide whether Heathcliff being dark and moody is a good thing or if he’s just plain bitter and mean. I know I broke the rule of reading the book before watching the movie. Maybe this one will teach me a lesson. Until I can get my hands on a copy, I’m off to read Jane Eyre.

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