Phonétique [fonetik]

This is what I do in phonetics. We learned the Alphabet Phonétique International (International Phonetic Alphabet) and we spend class transcribing songs, conversations, and texts back and forth from French to IPA. Although it is really tedious, this is my favorite class here. I can tell my ear and pronunciation are improving, even though I don’t think my vocabulary is coming along quite as well. I love looking back at my notes from class and seeing pages full of strange letters. For example, here is the beginning of a song we had to transcribe:

[a l otRə bud y mɔ̃ d]                               À l’autre bout du monde

[ɔ̃  di k il fe tuʒuR bo]                              On dit qu’il fait toujours beau
[s e la kə migRə le z wazo]                       C’est là que migrent les oiseaux
[ɔ̃  di sa]                                                 On dit ça
[də l otRə bud y mɔ̃ d]                             De l’autre bout du monde

[ʒ avɑ̃ s sœl dɑ̃ lə  bRujaR]                        J’avance seule dans le brouillard
[s e deside sa j e ʒe paR]                           C’est decide, ça y est, je pars
[ʒe m ɑ̃  ve]                                             Je m’en vais
[a l otRə bud y mɔ̃ d]                                À l’autre bout du monde

Looks crazy, n’est-ce pas? I have developed a strange love of flipping through my dictionary and sounding out the IPA written beside the words.

I have my first midterm tomorrow night in phonetics. I feel confident about being able to take a text in French and write it in IPA. I am nervous though about being given a text in IPA and having to write it back into French. I better get back to studying!

PS- Happy 20th birthday, Jenna! [ʒwajø anivɛRsɛR *ʒɛna] If you haven’t already looked, you should check out her blog!

2 thoughts on “Phonétique [fonetik]

  1. I was doing a search for work for pictures of windmills and your picture showed up..interesting how google performs these searches. Nevertheless, this distraction lead me on to reading your blog, something I never do, read blogs. I don’t know why or how, but I read a lot of this October blog and kept reading. I’m about to take a much needed vacation to Australia, your blog is great to see and makes me excited for my journey. Don’t think I’ll have a blog since it’s not my style, but I may stumble upon yours again. And I don’t have a clue as to what those jumbled words are, although I do understand some French. Keep on doing what you enjoy, you look to be having a great time!


    • Thanks for the kind words! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Australia. It is such a gorgeous place; I’m sure you will love it! Even if blogging isn’t your thing, be sure to take lots of pictures to remember your trip by!
      Safe Travels,

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