A hike from La Ciotat to Cassis

boats in La Ciotat

On Saturday, a small group from IAU hopped on a bus to go to La Ciotat, a tiny town on the Mediterranean historically famous for making boats. The harbor was full of boats of all sizes, some brightly colored like these. We first stopped by the Office of Tourism to  inquire about hiking trails. The woman there was entirely unhelpful and told us that it was against the rules to go hiking without a guide. We left the office irritated and decided to go find our own hike anyway. If anyone stopped us, we would feign ignorance and blame it on the language barrier.

So we set off in the direction of the large mountains beside the harbor, determined to find a trail. We first stumbled across a city garden at the base of the mountain. It was a beautiful park with a variety of gardens including a cactus garden for example. We wandered around and had our picnic lunch there.

the mountain in La Ciotat from the garden

the garden

I’m not sure if we were still in the garden at this point, but we started climbing up the mountain and found some almost-trails. The weather yesterday was gorgeous and sunny. Up on the side of the mountain, there was a refreshing breeze.

climbing up the mountain

Along one of these trails, we found this small building. It almost looked like a small shrine or a well. Either way, it was very beautiful and surrounded by flowers and rosemary bushes.

panoramic view

Once we were done with in the park, we wandered back through town still looking for a good trail. Luckily we found one! We saw a wooden sign pointing towards the neighboring town of Cassis with an estimated walking time of 3 hours. Perfect! We headed up the trail, and the trail quickly became very steep. We hiked along a the mountain ridge, high above the ocean. This was possibly the most beautiful hike of my life.

show us the way!

view of La Ciotat from the trail

first summit with Molly

Unfortunately after this photo was taken, my camera battery died. I like the camera that I got for this semester, but the battery life isn’t stellar. The rest of the hike took us along the ridge of the mountains with views plunging down to the ocean. As you can see by my poor choice of clothing and more importantly shoes, I wasn’t expecting our hike to be quite so strenuous, but it was completely worth the swollen knee that I came home with.

I stole some pictures from the lovely Molly- thank you!

admiring the view

Today was spent studying for midterms coming up this week. 1 down, 4 to go! If you are interested in checking out other accounts of life in Provence, check out my friend Andrew’s blog. http://uneaussilongueabsence.tumblr.com/ Andrew’s blog features Travelogues that he films throughout the week and edits together. The videos are a unique way to show off the city and life in France. Molly also has a blog to read. I love her blog layout 😉 http://behoui.wordpress.com/ I encourage you to check them out!

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