Jetting off again!

The past three days at home have been a much needed break. I’ve been trying to relax and get caught up on some sleep after being on the go all the time in Rome. It was hard to get back into the mindset for school since I’m only around for two and a half days.

Next up on my list of travels is Ireland! My university here hosts a conference every year called the International Student Conference on Divided Societies, and I along with seven other students were chosen to represent the school at the conference. This year it will take place in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Derry was an important city in Ireland’s troubled past and is most famous for Bloody Sunday, a protest for civil rights that turned violent when the British Army opened fire and killed 13 unarmed people. I recently watched an interesting film about the event entitled Bloody Sunday, which you should check out if you’re interested in the subject.

I’m very excited about this great opportunity. The conference will feature many renowned scholars on the subject, and I cannot think of a better location to host a conference about divided societies than Ireland. I’m also looking forward to meeting lots of new people there and learning a lot!

Unfortunately, getting to Ireland is not so easy. Tonight the group will spend a lovely, restful night trying to sleep in an airport in London before we finally fly to Ireland the next afternoon. The travel doesn’t get any easier on the way back, so I’m sure I’ll be exhausted come Monday night! I’m sure the experience at the conference will make up for any hassle though! I can’t wait to share my thoughts, impressions, and photos next week!

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