Rwanda in the News

Life has gotten pretty busy in my neck of the woods, but in a good way! All of my students have finally arrived, which means I’ve started teaching my full workload of 21 hours each week, in addition to leading clubs, helping fellow teachers learn to use computers after school, and attending various meetings for potential secondary projects. I’ve also arranged to start learning to weave traditional baskets, and I’m to have my first lesson on Thursday!

As I’ve been adjusting to my new, busy schedule, I haven’t had as much time or energy to write a blog post about my experiences. Instead I thought I would share a few links to articles about Rwanda that I have come across in the news lately.

First from the Guardian, an article published in November about Rwanda’s dramatic switch to using English as the language of instruction in schools and about the problems that this change poses.

Next, an article from last week in the New York Times about the great improvements in Rwanda’s health care made in the past few years.

And last, I know I’ve shared this video on Facebook already, but I think it’s too beautiful not to share again. These film makers, MammothMedia, were hired by the Rwandan tourism department to make a promotional video about the country. This video is the extended edition that they made to include all their gorgeous footage. Take a look and then come to Rwanda to see it for yourself!

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