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June, what a busy month! And from the looks of it July will be even more hectic. I’m working with some other volunteers to plan a computer camp for girls in the upcoming holidays, so there’s lots of work to prepare for that. As the term is winding down, I’m trying to cram in some last minute assignments with my students this week. Then begins exam week and the mad dash to grade over 300 exams before I finally start my vacation in Senegal!

The most recent project I’ve been working on is a community business training. There are several different associations in my village, and many people have approached both me and my counterpart, Jean de Dieu, with their desire to learn about business. They asked, we delivered.

So over the past week, Jean and I prepared the materials for the three-day training. I found a manual to teach basic business skills and adapted them to meet our needs. Together we translated materials into Kinyarwanda, made teaching aids, and invited five associations to come to our training.

When Jean de Dieu told me how many people he invited, I honestly didn’t anticipate having such a crowd, but I was pleased to see about 140 people show up! I was really nervous in the days leading up to the training, but so far everything has exceeded my expectations. The participants are asking some great questions, so I really hope the lessons are interesting and useful for them.

This week we had two days of the training, and next week we’ll wrap up with the third lesson. Since I’ve been busy and haven’t had much time to write, I thought I would share some of the pictures I snapped at today’s lesson.


Mama Claudine

Mama Claudine












DSCN6077 What a face! This weekend, I’m going to Gisenyi, a city on Lake Kivu, to meet up with other Volunteers from Ed 4 to celebrate the Fourth of July. Independence Day in Rwanda was July 1st, and Liberation Day is July 4th, so it’s a holiday here as well. I really look forward to visiting Gisenyi since I haven’t been there yet and to seeing my friends. Hope you have a lovely holiday back home!


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