New Neighbors

One of the best parts about having my own house is having neighbor kids to play with. On Sundays I leave my front gate open and kids cycle in and out of my front yard all day. These abana are pretty dang adorable!


Some kids come by to pose for awesome action shots with a soccer ball.


Other kids are serious.



They invade my porch in order to color.



And then want a million pictures with their masterpieces.



Sometimes they insist on taking a whole series of pictures with their eyes firmly closed.


There are always lots of drawings of houses, helicopters, and cars by the boys and flowers, leaves, and people by the girls. One kid draws good basketball players.



If you give a child a crayon, he will want five pieces of paper to color on. And will try to lock the gate to keep other kids out. Time to learn a lesson in sharing, kiddos!




And sometimes they even barge into my living room and make themselves at home, even though I try to get them to stay on the porch.



Some of them have sticky fingers and make off with crayons. (I told them they can’t come back if they steal, so now they’re watching each other like hawks to make sure nothing disappears.)



What a bunch of cuties. I think I’ll bring them all home with me!





2 thoughts on “New Neighbors

  1. Oh what fun you bring to their lives. What an awesome, awesome thing. I used to draw spectacular helicopters. That must put me in the boy group! Your mom and I will tell you about Todd Brown’s drawings in our French class some time. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing this peek into your neighborhood.

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